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  Many of the entertainment directories that include record companies, managers and booking agents are published by Music Connection. Our talent buyer directories are published by us. We spend countless hours getting the important information and contacts you need to get booked. We do our best to offer more resources than any other directories. Our data is collected from several sources including the listees their selves. Our talent  buyers entertainment directories are often used  by the entertainment community and by song writers, musical acts and entertainers. These entertainment directories are critical for those trying to make connections to take their career to the next level. To get access to our talent buyers directory you will need to registrar and subscribe. There are many benefits of being a subscriber such as free classifieds, discount web design services, support and consultation. If you got any questions you can email us or call.

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Venue name

Venue name

1 of 9 End Tour
Verification date

Verification date

2 of 9 End Tour


3 of 9 End Tour
Contact name

Contact name

4 of 9 End Tour
Phone number

Phone number (clickable link for mobile)

5 of 9 End Tour
Contact email

Contact email (clickable link)

6 of 9 End Tour

Venue website (clickable link)

7 of 9 End Tour
Entertainment format

Entertainment format

8 of 9 End Tour
venue image

Venue image

9 of 9 End Tour

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