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Currently our talent buyer directories consist of venues in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona and Nevada that also includes Las Vegas, entertainment capital of the world!

We created this website to list directories for entertainment professionals to connect and find the connections they need to help advance their careers. Many of the free directories are published by Music Connection. We are simply sharing free of charge. Our talent buyers directories are published by us and charge a subscription fee to cover our time and cost.

Subscriber Benefits

We offer advise and support to our subscribers. Our talent buyer listings include up to date contacts for all types of venues with clickable links.

A major list of talent buyers for Clubs, theaters, concert halls, Casinos and resorts, Fairs, Festivals and many more. 

More information on how we publish out talent buyers directories.

We use several resources of collecting listings. It is very time consuming. We do manually check each venue out by looking at their websites to see if they are a quality venue to list. We also verfify contact but please keep in mind contacts change. If you ever get a email bounce back or notification of a booking contact change please notify us. When we add a venue to a our listings it’s a judgement call. If the venue is too small then we  are hesitant to list because they might not be worth your time, on the other hand their might be local performers that may want to play smaller venues. If a venue is large then those venues usually only like to book popular acts.Our talent buyer directories are monitored full time to make sure we maintain the listings for accuracy. No listing venue pays us to be listed. Notify us if you had any unecthical dealings with a venue so we can remove the listing. Contact us if you need to discuss anything.

Sample Listing

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Venue name

Venue name

1 of 9 End Tour
Verification date

Verification date

2 of 9 End Tour


3 of 9 End Tour
Contact name

Contact name

4 of 9 End Tour
Phone number

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5 of 9 End Tour
Contact email

Contact email (clickable link)

6 of 9 End Tour

Venue website (clickable link)

7 of 9 End Tour
Entertainment format

Entertainment format

8 of 9 End Tour
venue image

Venue image

9 of 9 End Tour

About the publisher

Paul Sanders

Career long entertainment executive and agent

My name is Paul Sanders. I have worked my entire adult life in all levels in the live entertainment industry. Starting as a hard labor stage hand to promoter and now an active talent agent in Las Vegas. I created this Las Vegas Talent Buyers directory as it was very difficult to find the person to submit entertainment proposals to. Calling the switchboard often leads me to a voicemail and still never got the persons name or email. When I purchased another well known hard copy it only had a partial list and their contacts were no longer valid. Our directory is cheaper , larger and more accurate. If you like to learn more about me you can visit my website at www.paulsanders.org. If you would like to connect with me feel free to email me on the contact form and if you want me to call you just give me your number. I will only call numbers in the United States, all others will have to correspond by email