It is very important when emailing any contacts you be careful and follow these important guidelines and procedures. We do not endorse any listing so do your homework.


No matter who you are emailing in any directories on the first email you must include professional promotional materials. Websites that include images, videos and your info is the best but if you so not have a website you can add your promo al a cart. A popular music format are MP3’s but these files can be large, especially songs or multiple songs. Ideally your email should not be larger than 10 mg. YouTube videos are gaining popularity as the links don’t take up weight to your email and the person that receives your email can see and hear you. Do your best to make sure your first email is informative along with your contact information. When looking at the contacts look at their website and their services and if you see any familiar names. Be selective on who you contact.



On the contact list on the bottom of each listing it normally say’s “does not accept” and unsolicited material”. Unfortunately all the major players do not accept unsolicited material. That means if they don’t ask you for promo then any material sent to them is considered unsolicited material.They get bombarded so most likely if you email them anyway you won’t get a reply. Do not email any unresponded emails more than once a month. Do not pay to join a managers firm of booking agency. Independent managers and agencies often scam artist to make money and do nothing for you. A real firm or agency will take a percentage of what you earn. If they don’t make you money than they don’t make any money but at least it is not costing you anything. Be organised, don’t have